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TBW Bamboo Work Boots Socks. Suit Mongrel, Redback, Oliver, Blundstone, Steel Blue


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'The Best Socks A Bloke In Boots Can Wear!'

59% Bamboo - 26% Cotton - 10% Polyester - 5% Elastane

 If you always thought that bamboo was that stuff that grows like crazy, makes a mess of rockeries and paths when it gets out of control, and is really hard to get rid of once it's established  -  You're Right! But bamboo has some enormous redeeming qualities which the Chinese have known about for thousands of years, but we Westerners are only just 'cottoning onto' (sorry about that!?)  -  One of the more recent discoveries about the humble bamboo plant is that the crushed and treated residue from specific varieties of the harvested plant, can be used to produce an amazing textile fibre.

So What's So Special About Bamboo Fibre? 

It's an amazing fibre, simply because it's got some amazing properties which are not found in the 'one package' in any other textile fibre!   -  This makes it the perfect choice for many items of clothing!As well as having superior strength, shape, washability, colourfastness, and shrink fastness properties, bamboo fibre is unbelievably soft and comfortable against the skin  -  described as having a similar feel to cashmere!

Perhaps even more impressively, bamboo fibre :
  • Has natural bacterial inhibitors.
  • Is highly absorbent (60% more than cotton), and breathable.
  • Is thermo regulating  -  cooling in summer, warming in winter.
  • Is produced without the use of harsh insecticides, serious pollutants or land degradation, and manufactured with minimal chemical input!

What Does All This Mean For A Humble Pair Of Socks?


Anti-bacterial Properties

Bamboo has been grown for thousands of years in Asia without the use of pesticides. It is rarely attacked by any pests and is not susceptible to disease. Scientific studies have found that the reason for this is a unique anti-bacterial agent within bamboo named 'bamboo-kun'. This substance, combined with the tight molecular structure of bamboo fibres, gives it its anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic properties  -  which do not diminish after 50 or more washes. It is also quite different from chemical additives which can often cause skin irritations and other problems.

Various scientific tests have been performed at laboratories around the world studying the anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fibre. One recent 24 hour analysis found that bacteria introduced to bamboo fibre had reduced to less than 0.2% of the original, whereas the same experiment with cotton showed a bacteria increase of 550 times the original! (Refer :- 

What Does This Mean

Body odour results from gases produced by bacteria which live on the waste which is exuded from our bodies  -  sweat, and dead skin cells which our bodies give off constantly as a perfectly natural part of living.

When a bamboo fibre is worn against the skin :

  • Any moisture (sweat) is immediately absorbed and taken away from the skin.
  • The powerful natural anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo constantly keeps bacteria populations in check.

Some people are particularly susceptible to smelly feet because they shed more dead cells from their feet than others, or they have specific personal bacteria which give off that offensive smell. Though no less hygienic than others, their feet just pong! It is rare to find anyone who has not been instantly cured of this condition through wearing bamboo socks. 

Washing work socks every day is a natural thing because they do get smelly regardless of who you are, however, although we don't recommend it, bamboo socks, with their natural anti-bacterial properties can be worn for several days or more and still smell fresh!


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Returns and Exchange


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For only $16.95 Aus and $20.00 for NZ customers this includes the delivery of your parcel to our warehouse and the re-postage of your new size back to you. Please begin by printing the following 
RETURNS FORM  fill it out online and print it out and include it with your return. Phone our customer support on 0295246188 to pay over the phone with Visa or MasterCard or provide your payment details on the form.  Upon receiving payment and your incorrect pair your new style or size will be dispatched and a new tracking number will be emailed to you. If you paid by PayPal they refund your cost of $16.95 / $20.00! For instructions on how to take advantage please click here.



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Changed your mind and no longer require the boots? We are happy to take them back. A fee of $16.95 is to be paid which covers the initial free postage supplied with your order and the cost to return your purchase for a refund. Begin by printing out a copy of the Returns Form and select refund, Call our customer service team on 0295246188 or e-mail and request a pre-paid label. Simply pay the return fee of $16.95 over the phone or you can put your payment details onto the returns form. Wrap your purchase up in paper to protect the box for resale. Then stick the pre-paid label onto the package and drop this off to any of Australia Post ‘s 30,000 outlets across Australia. To find your nearest outlet please click here.
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INTERNATIONAL RETURNS (excluding New Zealand)

International customers are required to pay the postage of their return to our warehouse at theirs local post office or courier depot. We can't offer you the same process as our Australian customers as we need to send you a Returns label which you won't be able to use. Please continue to print out a Returns form from the Returns tab above. Package up your boots and return them along with the form. Once the boots arrive back we can then bring you our low postage cost for reportage of your new pair. The return cost of your new pair will be the same amount as you would have been charged in your original order. If you would like to be reminded of this price please ask us for a price on returning your boots prior to sending your return back. If you are sending your item back for a refund we simply refund you the amount you paid for the boot we do not refund the postage cost of delivering your  initial order.